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Mirror sniperNew launch sniperAnti rugRevenue shareLimit buy/sell
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🤖 - The Fastest Telegram Trading Bot on Base

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Take your trading to the next level with our extensive bot offering a full set of features

Fee per trade 1%

Mirror sniper

Found a highly successful wallet? Copy and front run their future purchases and sales


New launch sniper

Automatically buy when a new project releases their token. You will be able to set multiple wallets at the same time to maximise your advantage


Anti rug

Will prevent buying honeypot contracts. It will also front run unusual activity like the owner pulling liquidity or about to dump a large number of tokens


Limit buy/sell

Bringing CEX convenience to DeFi. Set price targets to automatically buy and sell your assets


Revenue share

Token holders will receive 70% of all revenue generated based on how many tokens they hold in their wallet. 30% is reserved for platform development, expenses and marketing.

Open Dashboard (Soon)

BlazeBot Tokenomics

10,000,000 BLAZE

80% fair launch
10% reserved for early development and promotion
10% for early adopters airdrop

4% buy and sell tax which will be dropped to 0% when the platform is profitable.

No taxes on wallet to wallet transfers.
1% added to BLAZE liquidity pool
2.1% profit for holders
0.9% platform allocation


Our roadmap is dynamic and will change and evolve as the projects moves along

Phase 1
BlazeBot Token launchDone
Website launchDone
Token Metrics ListingPending
— CoinGeckoDone
— CoinMarketCap
Open Beta V1 trading botIn-progress
— Limit orders— Anti rug— Aggregate v2 and v3 dexes with firebird integrationIn-progress
— Buy SharesDone
— Sell SharesDone
— View SharesDone
— Auto Snipe SharesPending
Fees and revenue sharingIn-progress
Revenue dashboard
Phase 2
Anti-rug features
PNL and Trade History
Mirror sniper
New launch sniper
Discord bot
Phase 3
Multi-Chain Integration
Web Dapp Bot & Sniper
Mobile Apps (android & iphone)